1988 Gibson Les Paul Standard Pre-Historic Reissue
Цена: Продана

1988 Gibson Les Paul Standard Pre-Historic Reissue

Реинкарнации знаменитых BURST `58-`60, так называемого периода Pre-Historic с 1981 по 1989 гг, признаны лучшими из существующих (исключая кастомовые гитары Баранета и Даррига).
Цвет – состарившийся естественным образом Cherry Sunburst.
Гитара не перфорированная, но очень лёгкая - 8 lbs 7 1/2 oz. Потрясающий звук и состояние!!! C документами, в оригинальном кейсе.
Я второй владелец этой гитары, вот что пишет прежний:

A lot has been debated around these guitars, many artists (like Slash) even 'picked' few appointments of this model to build their own. The bottom of the line is - the guitar plays phenomenally, sounds way better than any average Historic Reissue we have had, it is NON-CHAMBERED and it still weighs 8 lbs 7 1/2 oz, it looks just as how the original ones were, non bookmatched flamed top (this one is really deep and it's got the 3D effect, rather than just painted-like stripes), beautifully aged finish and extremely well preserved color. The guitar had never seen any modifications whatsoever (we don't count the strap locks a mod and we do have an aged white tip for the pickup switch) and it comes with the original hard shell case and the slip from the warranty card, showing the serial number and the dealership where it was purchased.
It'll show slight worming on the back and few tiny impressions on the back of the neck but when you plug it in those imperfections won't mean anything! Straight neck, virtually no fret wear, PAT stamped pickups, original pots that date the guitar to the 6th week of '88. Made in USA stamp in the neck pocket, along with the color code. The guitar shined up after the clean up and set up with did. It sounds very round and punchy mid range, it reminds us of Robben Ford's tone, definitely! Thanks!