1987 Gibson Pre-Historic 1959 Les Paul Reissue
Цена: $5500,00

Реинкарнации знаменитых BURST `58-`60,  так называемого периода Pre-Historic с 1981 по 1989 гг, признаны лучшими из существующих (исключая кастомовые гитары Баранета и Даррига).
Потрясающий звук и состояние!!!  Я второй владелец этой гитары, вот что пишет прежний:

1987 Gibson '59 Les Paul Reissue! Made in the USA. '59 appointments with an Iced Tea finished Flametop. Top has great figure and lots of character. Neck isn't too huge and has a fast, smooth feel. Monster tone. All original with no mods, breaks, or repairs. In great condition and looks like it's barely been played. These pre-historic reissues are a rare find, especially in this condition. Ships in it's original Gibson hardshell case.