Herzeg Novi - the white boat
Цена: 1000$

Herzeg Novi is another Montenegrian port, which is located closer to Croatia. It is being developed last years by foreign investors. Nevertheless Herzeg Novi still has its pure soul of Montenegrian settlement. Here you can see correlation between the sea and mountains.I was attracted by this peaceful scenery. The white boat, which is in the middle of the artwork, makes the landscape even more authentic,  and gives a possibility for anyone looking the picture to feel local spirit. 

Oil painting
Size: 19,7H x 27,6W x o,1 inch
Materials: oil, canvas on a cardboard
Ships in a cardboard box

Масло по холсту на картоне
Размер: 50,0В х 70,0Ш х 0,3 см
Защитная упаковка