Fishing at the Moraca river - autumn
Цена: 1500$

The Moraca river is one of the most important and at the same time beautiful river in Montenegro.  It has it source high up in the mountains,  and runs through Montenegro to deliver its water to Skadar Lake. It has great variety of fishes living there. For me,  fishing is a tradition,  it is a ritual of merging with nature, it's a hobby and it is my lifestyle.  This artwork is full of positive energy,  which was fulfilling me during my favorite activity. 

Oil painting
Size: 19,7H x 19,7W x o,1 inch
Materials: oil, canvas on a cardboard
Ships in a cardboard box

Масло по холсту на картоне
Размер: 50,0В х 50,0Ш х 0,3 см
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